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27 July 2022

"As to my own exact roots our family seem to have been continuously on the move during the last two centuries over six generations, relocating to seemingly ever greener pastures, perhaps seeking to justify the family motto discovered in heraldic literature as Firmum in Vita Nihil, which I understand has a literal translation of Nothing in life is permanent How true that is of life itself."

From Pete's family genealogy researched by his brother

Hello, we are Pete and Wendy and we live in Bedfordshire, England. True to our family motto, nothing much has been permanent in our lives. Both of us were well travelled even before we met in the Middle East over 50 years ago. After our marriage, employment took us to a further nine different countries over the next 21 years before that day in Mauritius in 1981 when Wendy's horse riding accident forced a premature return to the UK. The resulting paraplegia and specialised accommodation needs put an end to this life style but not to our travels.

On these few pages, we cover our travels since the accident. They are our experiences and our views and we hope the able-bodied and the less able in similar situations will find them useful. However, "Nothing in life is permanent" changes occur and if you are handicapped in any way and plan a trip similar to what we describe, we strongly urge you to make your own checks on the suitability of the facilities for your visit.

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Enjoy your travels.

Pete and Wendy